de Meric Stables, which also owns and manages adjoining Eclipse Training Center, is set on 240 acres of lush, rolling land in the heart of Florida's celebrated horse country in Marion county. Rich in both the mineral concentrations in its soil and water and in its traditional role as one of the great Thoroughbred nurseries of the world, this area has produced some of North America's greatest racehorses. In addition, Eclipse is an accredited training center and offers documented workouts for publication in trade press.

The focal point of Eclipse is its 3/4 mile racetrack. Completely resurfaced from sub-base to cushion and professionally graded to exacting standards on a regular basis, the track is one of the finest training surfaces in North Florida. It features a 7/8 mile chute, automated watering system and PVC safety rail.

The stable also has numerous paddocks, pastures, turn out facilities and open spaces for riding with four board fence, giant oak trees and automatic waterers. de Meric Stables's state of the art swimming facility is a model for the industry. Many horses, according to their needs, benefit from a swim program by increasing muscle mass and cardiovascular capacity without the concussion or repetition of racetrack training. Each swimmer is closely monitored for weight and muscle gain.

A top class team of professionals spearhead this high-profile operation, headed by general manager Craig Munro, farm manager Connie Guttierez and assistant trainers Sandy Scott and Victor Centeno. Long time foreman Billy Price and Gustavo Castillano are also members of this capable staff.



Owned and operated by Nick and Jaqui de Meric, Manuden Farm is located on 120 acres adjacent to de Meric Stables and Eclipse Training Center, whose facilities supplement their own.

Here Thoroughbred yearlings are developed and nurtured through the early stages of education and athletic conditioning in preparation for their careers at the racetrack or for the premier two year old sales. Our program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each horse, whose physical and mental well-being is our primary concern.

Professional care, handling and riding, along with the highest standards of horsemanship, an attention to detail, combine to create the consummate learning environment for young athletes. Graduates of our program include Eclipse Award winners, champions, and numerous graded stakes winners in all major racing jurisdictions.

In addition to the unraced youngsters, Manuden is also home to many horses of racing age whose needs range from post-operative rehabilitation to freshening from the racetrack between campaigns.

The open pastures and relaxed environment help these animals unwind and recharge batteries before reentering the competitive arena. Others undergo various types of therapy, from arthroscopic or other surgery to swim or schooling programs, always with careful supervision.

Whatever the needs of the Thoroughbred athlete may be, we at Manuden Farm and de Meric Stables take pride in being willing and able to provide the expertise necessary for their optimum care. Our watchwords are: dedication, professionalism and attention to detail; we just try a little harder.